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Virtually Conscious Camera Donations

At The Scan Truck, we understand the critical role that technology can play in making a positive impact on the world. That’s why we recently upgraded our truck with new cameras, and as a result are now donating our previous Nikon cameras to educational programs around the globe. Our aim is to provide students with access to tools that would otherwise be out of reach, and we believe that this will help them to learn, grow, and create positive change.

We’re passionate about using the latest technology to support people, animals, and the planet; our Virtually Conscious program is just one example of this. Our mission is to take this program to the next level in order to allow us to make an even bigger impact in the world !

Coldplay Higher Power 3D scanning by The Scan Truck mobile photogrammetry studio Los Angeles CA
Coldplay Higher Power 3D scanning by The Scan Truck mobile photogrammetry studio Los Angeles CA

Coldplay Higher Power

Director of Coldplay’s Higher Power music video Dave Meyers breaks down the concept of the video by elaborating that it “is a metaphor for how, right now, we all feel alienated, far removed from our world, almost like we’re on an alien planet” in reference to how the COVID-19 virus has affected everyday life for everybody. No matter what your nationality is, what gender you identify as, what your sexuality is, this pandemic has affected everybody on Earth in some sort of negative manner. However, it has also created a sense of unity and mutuality amongst all of us as we come together in this difficult time to offer one another faith and hope. Chris Martin, lead vocalist of Coldplay, explains, “The song is about trying to find the astronaut in all of us, the person that can do amazing things.”

It was a challenge to 3D scan the alien creatures in their intricate costumes, but we are really happy with the result! Huge shoutout to Mathematic and Freenjoy for making this incredible vision come to life.

3D mobile photogrammetry, scanning basketball players for HBO's Winning Time Lakers on our mobile photogrammetry rig
3D mobile photogrammetry, scanning basketball players for HBO's Winning Time Lakers on our mobile photogrammetry rig

Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty

Go back in time with HBO’s new series Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty. See the history of how the Lakers rose to fame in 1980s Los Angeles and created a legacy that has spanned decades. Everything from the costumes to the set to the hair and makeup is so meticulously crafted and taken care of in this show – it truly engulfs you in the story!

3D mobile photogrammetry for Marvel Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness with Benedict Cumberbatch
3D mobile photogrammetry for Marvel Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness with Benedict Cumberbatch

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Benedict Cumberbatch and Elizabeth Olsen star in one of Marvel Studios’s most highly anticipated films in 2022, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This sequel has Cumberbatch return in his portrayal of the titular character, as well as, an alternate version of Dr. Stephen Strange in the multiverse after a forbidden spell is cast. We had such a great time singing, dancing, and enjoying the #trucklife with Benedict Cumberbatch and working with this cast & crew a second time!

Lis Nas X Montero Music Video. VFX 3D scanning digital doubles by The Scan Truck mobile photgrammetry studio, Los Angeles!
Lis Nas X Montero Music Video. VFX 3D scanning digital doubles by The Scan Truck mobile photgrammetry studio, Los Angeles!

Lil Nas X’s “Montero” Wins VMA Video of the Year

We loved collaborating with Lil Nas X, the UnderWonder team, and Mathematic Studio to bring this incredible video to life. Seeing our 3D scans activate and create this vision with the whole team was an incredible experience.

It’s always refreshing to work with artists who dare to dream and vision outside the box and embody the message of radical self expression. Lil Nas X took spicy to the next level with this one! It’s easy to see why Lil Nas X took home the moon man for MTV’s Music Video of the Year and a huge honor to have worked on this project.

Experience the Olympics from Home With AR Technology


The Scan Truck, Frame Store Pictures, and Google partnered to bring the experience of the Summer 2021 Tokyo Olympics to your home — literally! The team scanned athletes to seamlessly capture their signature movements and create AR avatars that can be pulled up and viewed on any mobile device in any environment. Google search the olympians Caleb Dressel, Simone Biles, Megan Rapinoe and Alexander Massialas for the full interactive experience, and watch their digital doubles freestyle, fence, and triple backflip across the arena of your living room carpet, the beach, or wherever you are.

The intricate technology used to capture these absolute feats of human athletic performance, and bring them into the palm of our hands with Google’s new 3D platform, is gold-medal worthy! Seeing new applications for this technology in sports and utilizing it to capture top tier athletes extends the horizons of what is possible, bridging the gap between the digital world and real life. This gives the crowd watching from home an entirely new, inspired and immersive experience. Download the google app and try it out!

Reallusion, ICVR and Scan Truck Turn Real People Into Virtual Actors

The Scan Truck Joins ICVR and Reallusion to Create “Scan To Animation” Character Pipeline for a Diverse Variety of Applications

“It is fantastic to see our 3D content turned into vivid 3D characters with controllable animation and deployed in a wide range of applications beyond games and films. We’re very excited to be among the early testers of this pipeline and to see the increased efficiency it brings to art production as a whole.” said Chris Swiatek, Chief of Product, ICVR.

Nowadays, 3D scanned people are widely used to create visual assets in many industries beyond games and films.  From manufacturing, business, archviz, digital twins to media entertainment, they are the key element to bringing simulations to life, transforming digitally created virtual scenes into a convincing realistic world.  

Thousands of 3D people can be easily found online.  As realistic as they look, most 3D characters tend to lack the natural movement of real human beings — either in static poses, emotionless faces, or stiff body animations.  How to transform scanned models to animated people requires not only skilled experience but also technology for customisable character creation.

Now Reallusion, the developer of iClone and Character Creator, has brought a new “Scan to Animation Pipeline”, adding details, realism and performance to scan images.  In collaboration with Scan Truck, a Hollywood-based 3D scanning service company, and ICVR, an award-winning digital content development agency, Reallusion has successfully turned scanned models into lively animated 3D characters that can be fully controlled and exported to major 3D tools for any production.

Leaders in Character Creation

Located in Los Angeles, the heart of the American entertainment industry, Scan Truck and ICVR have collaborated with major Hollywood studios and international corporations including Warner Brothers, FOX, Universal Studio, SONY pictures, Apple, Netflix and many more, to create avatars and digital content for top games, films and marketing campaigns.  Their recent successes include creating digital doubles for Grand Theft Auto 5, the Olympics, Xbox video games, and for feature films including Marvel’s Black Window, Dune, and Terminator: Dark Fate.

Reallusion 3D scan The Scan Truck Digital Double VFX GameDev Rig Low Poly

Beginning with recruiting 15 people for a shooting day inside their studio truck in LA, Scan Truck precisely captured the likeness of each model using their high-end scanning technology.  Next a team of texture artists in ICVR converted these images into high quality 3D models through cutting edge detailed data processing.   

From Creation to Content Animation, Reallusion Redefines 3D Characters 

Constantly evolving their products to keep the pace with next-generation technology while also providing unique implementation that adapts their tools to all levels of creators, Reallusion is setting a new industry standard for real-time character creation. The company’s “Scan to Animation Pipeline” provides the highest realism and control over 3D people, aiming to effectively level up business visualization for archviz, digital twins (manufacturing, construction), traffic or crowd simulation. At the same time, the new pipeline synchronizes with the rapid growth of real-time visualization offered by GPU and game engines including NVIDIA Omniverse™.

Deploying its advanced technology on facial and body rigging, morphing, and lipsyc animations, Reallusion’s new pipeline can generate two unique outputs from 3D scan:

actorORIGION: High-res Digital Human for Character Creator 

The ultra realistic digital humans deliver the highest details for close-up performance, customizable with hair, facial and body morph, skin layers, and outfit systems, suitable for real-time film and AAA game projects. It is the native character format (CC3+) in Character Creator, with a large amount of assets for mix’n’match of body shapes, appearances, outfits, and accessories.

actorSCAN: Photo-realistic 3D People for Crowd Rendering

The one-mesh, fully-dressed, lightweight models are designed to enliven business simulations with fully rigged, all controllable, true-to-life digital crowds, all with facial expression and lip-sync animation suitable for long to middle camera ranges.

Reallusion 3D scan The Scan Truck Digital Double VFX GameDev Rig Low Poly

Scanned Actors Live on Stage in Any 3D Productions

Reallusion’s animated 3D avatars are fully compatible with thousands of AAA production motions available on ActorCore, Reallusion’s premium online 3D asset library, allowing one character to be used for multiple purposes from business, training, archiviz, to films and games. All content is also compatible with most 3D programs including Unreal Engine, Unity, Blender, Maya, MotionBuilder, 3DS Max, Cinema4D and iClone. 

Reallusion 3D scan The Scan Truck Digital Double VFX GameDev Rig Low Poly

GTA 5 Online

What an experience hanging on the truck with these pillars of the hip hop movement.  Legendary day sharing stories with Dr Dre, Jimmy Lovine, DJ Pooh and Scott Storch while we helped create their digital avatars for GTA!  

As fans have been spotting in recent hours, the two industry titans are featured in a sequence that also includes an appearance from prolific Rockstar creative DJ Pooh. In the scene, Dre and Iovine squabble about some potentially lost music files.

Dr. Dre fans have put some added theoretical value into the update’s timing, with several people noting that the surprise GTA V appearance was revealed on what was also the day of the Chronic release anniversary.

“The Cayo Perico Heist is our way of getting everyone together to party and dance in the safest possible way while also giving players the chance to take on our biggest and best Heist yet,” Same Houser, president of Rockstar Games, told PC Gamer on Tuesday. “It’s been a difficult and challenging year, and we wanted to make something everyone could have some fun in—we’re really excited for you to play.”

Scan Truck Nas X Holliday music video
Scan Truck Nas X Holliday music video

Lil Nas X

Co-directed by Nas and Gibson Hazard, the visual takes place on Christmas Day in the year 2220. Lil Nas X portrays four distinct characters within a gigantic, sci-fi Santa’s Workshop at the North Pole. Later, he takes a ride across the United States in a high-tech “sleigh” — a Christmas-red Dodge Challenger — pulled by robotic reindeer, and flies past his own versions of Mount Rushmore, the Hollywood sign, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Statue of Liberty, and Times Square.

Scan Truck Nas X Holliday music video


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