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Avatar Creation

Let The Scan Truck preserve your digital identity by creating your own personal avatar. Avatars are a great way to establish your online presence, and can be used in a variety of virtual platforms. From cinematics to online gaming, our custom avatars come optimized and ready to plug in. Our team of digital designers and 3D character artists can also make any minor adjustments and corrections to fit the style and image you need.

The Scan Truck’s comprehensive Avatar Creation service seamlessly transforms 3D scans into fully rigged characters, suitable for a wide range of applications, including Unity and Unreal Engine projects. Our expertise and experience in this field has helped us achieve a robust track record in bringing our client’s creative visions to life, regardless of the industry.

Our Avatar Creation Services Include:

  • Precise 3D Scanning: We start by capturing precise 3D scans of individuals or objects, ensuring every detail is faithfully preserved in the digital realm using our mobile 3D scan truck and other equipment.
  • 3D Modeling: Our skilled artists use the scan data to create detailed 3D models, carefully refining them to match your specific requirements.
  • Rigging and Animation: We breathe life into your avatars by meticulously rigging them, enabling natural and fluid movements. This process is essential for character animation in Unity and Unreal Engine.
  • Unity and Unreal Integration: Whether you’re developing games, immersive experiences, or simulations, our avatars seamlessly integrate into either an Unity or Unreal Engine environment.

Use Cases for Our Avatars:

  • Video Games: Create lifelike player characters, NPCs, or enemies, enhancing the immersion and gameplay experience.
  • Virtual Reality: Craft interactive avatars for VR applications, making virtual interactions feel more realistic.
  • Music Videos: Bring your music to life with animated avatars that can sing, dance, and engage with your audience.
  • YouTubers and Content Creators: Elevate your online presence with custom avatars, making your content more engaging and recognizable.
  • Film and Video Production: Incorporate avatars into your productions for special effects, unique characters, or digital doubles.
  • Training and Simulation: Develop training simulations with avatars to create realistic scenarios for educational or corporate purposes.
  • Interactive Storytelling: Use avatars to enhance interactive storytelling in apps, websites, and virtual experiences.
  • Advertising and Branding: Create memorable avatars for advertising campaigns, mascots, and brand promotions.
  • Social Media and Live Streaming: Enhance your presence on social platforms and live streams with personalized avatars that interact with your audience.

Data Processing

At The Scan Truck, we’ve mastered the intricate journey from raw scan data to polished, game-ready assets. Our data processing pipeline is a well-oiled machine, designed to transform complex scans into assets that seamlessly integrate into your gaming projects.

Here’s a glimpse into our data processing workflow:

1. Scan Data Acquisition: We start by capturing high-quality scan data using our cutting-edge equipment, including 3D scanners and photogrammetry systems. Whether it’s capturing physical objects or environments, our expertise ensures precision and detail.

2. Data Cleanup: Raw scan data can be dense and unrefined. Our skilled technicians meticulously clean and prepare the data, removing noise, artifacts, and imperfections to ensure a clean foundation.

3. Retopology: This crucial step involves creating a new, optimized 3D mesh (game-ready asset) with a lower polygon count. This not only reduces computational overhead but also ensures smooth performance in games.

4. UV Unwrapping: Proper UV mapping is essential for textures to adhere seamlessly to the 3D model. Our UV unwrapping process ensures efficient texture application.

5. Optimization for Specific Game Engines: We tailor the asset for your chosen game engine, be it Unreal Engine, Unity, or another. This optimization ensures that the asset seamlessly integrates with the engine’s rendering and physics systems, maximizing performance and visual fidelity.

6. Texture and Material Mapping: Our artists apply high-quality textures and materials to bring life to the 3D model, capturing every detail and nuance.

7. Rigging and Animation (if needed): For character models, rigging and animation are integrated to make them interactive and dynamic within the gaming environment.

8. Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing and quality assurance checks ensure that the final game-ready asset meets the highest industry standards, free from glitches or issues.

9. Delivery: Depending on your needs, we can deliver a fully optimized asset ready for your chosen game engine, or we can provide a high-poly hero-level asset to hand over to a studio with its own pipeline. Your project’s requirements are our priority.

Our unique pipeline can specifically cater to our clients’ particular needs while also maintaining top industry-level quality and accuracy.

Our data processing expertise is more than just a service; it’s a commitment to delivering assets that enhance your gaming experience. Whether you need an asset optimized for a specific game engine or a high-poly hero-level asset to collaborate with other studios, trust The Scan Truck to turn your scan data into immersive, game-ready assets that captivate players and bring your vision to life.


We offer onsite, completely portable, self sufficient and mobile Photogrammetry Services with our exclusive Scan Truck stationed in Los Angeles, servicing the west coast and and our scan trailer stationed in Albuquerque to cover the East Coast. Let us come to you! Our fresh and friendly Scan Truck will have you in and out with top quality scans from the comfort of the location of your choice.

Equipped with 160 cameras for optimal and efficient coverage, The Scan Truck is your best solution for mobile 3D scanning!

Let’s explore how our services can support your unique requirements.

  • High-Quality 3D Models: We excel at turning photographs into highly detailed 3D models, capturing every nuance with precision and accuracy.
  • Efficiency Meets Accuracy: Our state-of-the-art photogrammetric techniques ensure swift and precise data capture, saving you time without compromising on quality.
  • Versatile Applications: Our Photogrammetry services cater to a wide range of industries, from historical preservation to digital fashion, visual arts to VR/AR projects.
  • Realistic Visuals: Achieve authenticity in your projects with lifelike 3D models, suitable for various applications including film, architecture, and more.
  • Seamless Integration: Our 3D models seamlessly fit into your workflows, making them valuable assets for architects, designers, and filmmakers.
  • Creative Freedom: Enjoy the creative flexibility that our Photogrammetry service offers, tailor 3D models to your specific project requirements. 
  • Global Reach: With mobile cross polarized photogrammetry trucks stationed on both the East and West coasts of the USA, we provide accessible 3D scanning services wherever your project takes you.
  • Future-Proof Solutions: Stay at the forefront of 3D technology with The Scan Truck. Our Photogrammetry services embrace innovation, ensuring your projects remain cutting-edge.
  • Expert Guidance: We’re more than a service provider; we’re your creative partner. Our team is here to offer guidance and support to help you realize your vision.


Jiggs Love Named One of LA Weekly’s 2023 Top 10 Los Angeles Entrepreneurs to Know About

Founder and CEO of The Scan Truck, Jiggs Love, was just named one of LA Weekly’s Top 10 Los Angeles Entrepreneurs to Know About Going in 2023. The Scan Truck team is proud of what Jiggs’ keen vision has brought to the company — making 3D scanning easier and more accessible while building our state-of-the-art 3D scanning rig and mobilizing it for major projects.

The key to The Scan Truck’s success can be attributed to the team Jiggs brought together. They are a group of pioneering experts who work closely together to bring fun, energy and that spark of ingenuity into every engagement.

Scan Truck Expands & Upgrades
With the launch of our second scan trailer on the East Coast, businesses can utilize highly advanced technology and cutting-edge services on both coasts.

We also upgraded the original rig with brand new modern photogrammetry equipment and a cross-polarized strobe system.  Additionally, we acquired a Creaform Metra Scan that is capable of capturing objects at a high resolution suitable for reverse engineering, including glass and highly reflective materials!

Helping to Save Lives
Jiggs and his team also recently created a revolutionary robotic scanning solution for the EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) that can save lives all over the world. The EOD is an organization responsible for safely identifying, extracting, and disposing of unexploded ordnance left behind from conflicts in various countries around the globe.

To ensure the safety of communities in these regions, Jiggs and his team have designed an automated robotic scanning solution to capture and catalog explosive devices. This data is then used to accurately identify unexploded ordnance so that it can be safely extracted from affected areas. The work done by Jiggs and his team makes a huge difference in ensuring the safety of people living in war-torn areas. 

How Jiggs Love Helps the Community Through the Virtually Conscious Program
The Scan Truck also has an impressive Virtually Conscious Program that donates services to projects with a focus on making the world a better place. Through this program, they are currently donating their previous rig’s DSLR Nikon cameras to educational programs around the world so more students will have access to quality tools that would otherwise be out of reach.

This program was started by Jiggs himself who has big aspirations for what it can become – he hopes one day it will grow into a 501c3 organization with even greater potential for positive change!

It is no surprise to us that Jiggs was named one of LA Weekly’s Top 10 Los Angeles Entrepreneurs Going Into 2023; he truly cares about his business, employees and community, and has worked hard to succeed in today’s competitive market. To keep up with Jiggs and see what his talented The Scan Truck crew are up to next, contact us today.

The Scan Truck 2.0 Upgrade

We are so excited to announce the upgrades to The Scan Truck ! The Scan Truck 2.0 is equipped with 160 Canon SL3 cameras and a custom LED polarized lighting system that promises quick setup, reliability and high-quality data. Our cross-polarized scans are more accurate and detailed than ever before.

We kept the convenient form factor of our box truck, perfect for hard to reach locations and private residences. Our new rig can take a shot every 3 seconds making for quick sessions, getting talent in and out in a breeze. Our new cross polarized strobe system is programmable and features look dev light sequences.  Our team has worked hard to bring this new and improved Scan Truck to life and we can’t wait to share its capabilities with our clients. Stay tuned for updates!

The Scan Truck East Coast Trailer (SPL)

 We are so excited to introduce The Scan Truck’s East Coast 3D Scanning Trailer!  This double expandable spaceship is winterized for extreme weather conditions to keep talent comfortable. Our current HQ is Albuquerque, New Mexico and road ready to service Atlanta, New York and everywhere between. Equipped with 160 Canon SL3 DSLR’s, our cross-polarized photogrammetry system guarantees accurate and detailed 3D scans every time. It’s the ultimate solution for capturing full body characters for feature films, VFX, games and beyond.

Reverse Engineering Laser Scanner

Are you in need of a high-precision 3D scanner for prop scanning, part inspection, or reverse-engineering? Look no further than The Scan Truck’s new Creaform Metrascan laser scanner.

With an accuracy of up to 30 Microns (0.030 mm), this scanner is able to capture fine details and intricate shapes with ease. Whether you’re scanning large objects or small, the Metrascan is up to the task.

In addition to its impressive accuracy, this scanner is also incredibly versatile. Do you have an shinny or transparent prop un-scannable by standard 3D scanning techniques? That won’t be a problem ! Our laser scanner perfect for a variety of industries, including manufacturing, aerospace, VFX and gaming industries. Contact The Scan Truck today to learn more about the Metrascan and how it can benefit your business!


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