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Will Smith 3D model by the Scan Truck Mobile Photogrammetry Studio Los Angeles
Will Smith 3D model by the Scan Truck Mobile Photogrammetry Studio Los Angeles

Gettin’ Jiggy with Will Smith!

Recently The Scan Truck had an immense pleasure working with Will Smith and his team at Westbrook Media. Knowing the creative and fun-loving nature of Will Smith we could not wait to see what kind of content he will put out using our 3D scans. Will and his team did not disappoint! His campaign with ASICS Onitsuka Tiger takes us on a hallucinogenic trip around the world from the Brooklyn Bridge to the Great Pyramids. Check out the video below!

Hyper Realistic Digital Avatar

Here’s a glimpse of what it takes to create a digital double! We’ve scanned a library of over 130 facial poses that allowed us to create a realistic facial animation including the micro expressions! This character can be animated and driven real time in the Unreal Engine. The Scan Truck got the awesome opportunity to work with ICVR and Jason L White to create this experience.

We will be showing off the many possible applications of this technology at the upcoming SIGGRAPH 2019. Come find us at the booth 647 and 649!

VR Fest 2019

We entered the Vegas portal to showcase the spaceship, meet incredible innovators, 3D scanned contest winners and filled our inspiration cup with mind blowing creations. Special thanks to Christopher Crescitelli for the VR Fest invite and for showing us such a good time with all our new fam we met along the way. Looking forward to round two in Vegas soon!


Spotify teamed up with The Scan Truck and Pretty in Plastic to create larger than life statues of Jaden Smith, Cardi B and Juice WRLD from original 3D scans utilizing our mobile photogrammetry rig.  Pretty in Plastic took our scan data to 3D print and mill the iconic figures with a metallic finish for an exhibit at The Brooklyn Museum of Art

Larger then life sculptures created by The Scan Truck and Pretty in Plastic for Rap Caviar and Spotify
Teaser video by Spotify showing the behind the scenes process of 3D scanning the artists with the Scan Truck mobile photogrammetry studio. The manufacturing, 3D printing and milling done by our friends at Pretty in Plastic!
NEW YORK, NEW YORK – APRIL 02: Sculptures of Cardi B, Juice WRLD, Gunna and Jaden Smith at Spotify’s RapCaviar Pantheon at Brooklyn Museum on April 02, 2019 in Brooklyn, New York. (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for Spotify)

Women’s Choice Awards

We were so excited to have The Women’s Choice Awards and the extraordinary women that are being celebrated, collaborate with The Scan Truck’s “Virtually Conscious” sector by honoring and preserving history on this monumental day! We are on the cutting edge of developing a platform that highlights inspirational leaders to utilize our technology by capturing their 3D essence. This allows the possibility to advance their level of communication through future forms of media, such as virtual platforms, digital workshops and visual storytelling. We are exploring the endless possibilities that a full sensory experience facilitates. Within this space there is the opportunity of creating a deeper connection and initiating a more intimate experience with the participants that resonates beyond what a 2D image could offer!

The Call of the Wild starring Harrison Ford. FVX 3D scanning by The Scan Truck mobile photogrammetry studio.
The Call of the Wild starring Harrison Ford. FVX 3D scanning by The Scan Truck mobile photogrammetry studio.

The Call of the Wild

What a Wild experience working with Harrison Ford, Dan Stevens, Karen Gillan and the rest of the amazing cast and crew in a far off land in space and time.  Talk about time travel…we just wrapped production on this epic film after months of days in the wilderness with our now off-road Spaceship.  


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