The Scan Truck 2.0 Upgrade

February 8, 2023 admin

We are so excited to announce the upgrades to The Scan Truck ! The Scan Truck 2.0 is equipped with 160 Canon SL3 cameras and a custom LED polarized lighting system that promises quick setup, reliability and high-quality data. Our cross-polarized scans are more accurate and detailed than ever before.

We kept the convenient form factor of our box truck, perfect for hard to reach locations and private residences. Our new rig can take a shot every 3 seconds making for quick sessions, getting talent in and out in a breeze. Our new cross polarized strobe system is programmable and features look dev light sequences.  Our team has worked hard to bring this new and improved Scan Truck to life and we can’t wait to share its capabilities with our clients. Stay tuned for updates!


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