September 20, 2023
September 20, 2023 admin

Light Detection And Ranging is an essential component to capturing large volumes of spaces; from movie sets to historical architecture, there is practically no limit to the spaces that can be scanned. LiDAR uses laser light to measure variable distances, creating highly precise three-dimensional models.

Our team of specially-trained capture technicians are equipped with the tools and knowledge to effectively and efficiently capture even the hardiest of places.

 Here’s how you can benefit from our LiDAR service:

  • Detailed Topographic Surveys:
    • Land Development: Utilize LiDAR data for planning and executing land development projects with a high level of precision.
    • Environmental Studies: Aid in environmental research by obtaining detailed topographic data of natural landscapes.
  • Infrastructure Planning and Management:
    • Urban Planning: Facilitate urban planning efforts with detailed spatial data, helping to design and manage modern city infrastructures more efficiently.
    • Asset Management: Manage assets efficiently in various industries such as aviation and automotive through detailed spatial analyses derived from LiDAR data.
  • Historical Preservation:
    • Site Documentation: Document historical sites with a high level of detail, aiding in preservation efforts.
    • Restoration Projects: Leverage LiDAR data in restoration projects to ensure accuracy and maintain the integrity of historical structures.
  • Film and Entertainment Industry:
    • Pre-Visualization: Use LiDAR data in pre-visualization stages of film projects to plan scenes and settings meticulously.
    • VFX Integration: Integrate detailed 3D models in VFX projects, enhancing realism and visual appeal.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR):
    • Realistic Environments: Create highly realistic environments for VR and AR applications, enhancing the user experience.
    • Simulation Training: Develop simulation training environments with accurate spatial data, offering a realistic training ground for various industries.
  • 3D Modeling:
    • Architecture: Assist in architectural projects by providing detailed 3D models for better visualization and planning.
    • Digital Twins: Create digital twins of real-world environments and objects, facilitating a range of applications from virtual tours to predictive maintenance.


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